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Luxury Wooden Suit Hanger (Men's)

Your clothes spend most of their life on a hanger. Our hangers protect your clothes and extend their life. You want it to look as good on you as when you first hung it up.

  • - Constructed from European beechwood using a clear satin finish, black flocking and chrome hardware. Beechwood is characterized by being slightly heavier in weight and specking
  • - 4 distinct widths for the perfect fit
  • - 2.5 inches shoulder flare providing 5 times us much support as traditional hangers
  • - Flocked (velvet like) trouser bar that gently grips the pants, gently holding them in place without added pressure
  • - Fully contoured to embody the shoulders natural positioning

Suggested Sizes

Small - 15.5 “ Wide. Fits Jackets Sizes 40 and below

Medium - 17” Wide. Fits Jackets Sizes 41-44

Large - 18.5" “ Wide. Fits Jackets Sizes 45-48

Extra Large - 20“ Wide. Fits Jackets Sizes 48 and above