A Gentleman’s Guide to Cleaning
and Caring for Your Shirts

High quality shirts look and fit better than off-the-rack selections, they also feel more luxurious as you wear them. To maintain the choice feeling of your Lingo Luxe shirt, we suggest following our shirt care guide to maintain yourinvestment.

How to Wash your Shirt

Cotton is highly favored in clothing because of its breathability and comfort on the skin. Because it is a natural fiber, it can fade with heavy washing, we recommend washing every few wears rather than every wear to keep bright or saturated colours looking their best. Hand washing and spot cleaning can also be used to clean your shirt more gently. Spot cleaning areas that absorb perspiration, like the collar, cuffs and underarms can be used to keep shirts looking and feeling fresh in between washes. Take care to remove stays before washing to avoid marking the fabric and stressing the fibers. Wash on the permanent press cycle. We also suggest skipping the dryer and letting your shirts hang dry to keep the fabric looking bright and crisp. If you prefer to dry your shirts in the dryer, keep the heat low and pull them before the cycle completes. Press to remove the residual moisture and hang your garment.

A wash and press service can be utilized; however an additional press of the collar and cuffs is recommended to keep these details looking smart. Traditional dry cleaning is suitable for Lingo Luxe shirts, however the waterless dry cleaning process often fails to remove perspiration.

Shrinkage Allowance

Shrinkage is the amount a fabric or garment will reduce in size as it is laundered and subjected to water, friction, heat and steam. This phenomenon is most visible in natural fabrics as the fiber staples are most vulnerable to change. Most cotton fabrics, depending on fabric weave, can have a shrinkage rate of 1-5%. Because we use high quality cotton, made with a tighter fabric weave and high twist yarns, our cotton selection has a shrinkage rate of 1-2%.

Shrinkage is calculated in all the shirts we make so that you have a perfect fitting garment as you wear and launder your Lingo Luxe shirt. Our skilled pattern makers will include wearing ease, as well as the shrinkage calculation in the pattern made from your measurements. Your garment is designed to shrink to the perfect fit after washing. This way, your Lingo Luxe garment not only looks great when it is shipped to you, but will actually improve in fit after wearing and washing.

Mother of Pearl Button Care

Mother of pearl is a mottled, iridescent substance from the inner shell of oysters and abalones. Because if its natural origin, mother of pearl varies piece by piece, so every button on your Lingo Luxe dress shirt made with the mother of pearl option will be slightly varied. This option is slightly more lustrous than our resin button options.

We do not suggest a wash and press service for mother of pearl buttons as the press process can be damaging to your natural buttons. The best way to keep mother of pearl buttons is to launder your garments at home by hand. A delicate cycle through the washing machine is also suitable for this button style. Avoid drying in a dryer, as the process can be rough and may cause the buttons to chip. Hang to dry and press while taking care not to press over the buttons, as they will cause indentations in the fabric.

General Care

To keep you Lingo Luxe garment looking sharp, store in a dry area. As a natural fiber, cotton will absorb moisture that can damage the fabric if left to sit for extended periods of time.

Maintain your investment by investing in your wardrobe; wire hangers can damage your garments by creating stress on small areas. Store your garments on sturdy hangers; we suggest a wood hanger for dress shirts and shaped wood hangers for suit jackets and trousers.

Pressing can be done on a worn shirt, but be wary of ironing stains, often this will set the stain, making it difficult to remove.