Dressing the Part

We're all familiar with the adage "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have", but what about dressing to suit the lifestyle you're selling, the dream clients you want to sign, the luxury lifestyle you have envisioned for yourself? Investing in your personal brand is more than advertising space and social media commitments, it's building a recognizable style that matches where you're headed, not just where you've been.

“Inspired by Tradition, Motivated by Innovation” 

“Inspired by Tradition, Motivated by Innovation” outlines our commitment to the vision of a technologically enhanced business model. We assess every company decision against our founding principles. Lingo Luxe is dedicated to ensuring authenticity in every undertaking. 

 Lingo Luxe Bespoke represents hard work, devotion and a commitment to researching new and innovative methods for creating high quality and high-end items that enhance one’s personal style. We are founded on the principle that everyone has a unique story, a story that should be told to the world through their clothing; their own Lingo. The expression of your individuality through dress is how you communicate to the world, your own distinct “Lingo”.

 If you value quality construction, materials and an impeccable fit, you will find you share much of the same Lingo as our network of clients. We seek to provide you with the tools and options to assure your distinct style is strongly infused into every garment we provide you. 

 Our logo features a prancing Pegasus. The most powerful animal in Greek mythology, limitless in both ability and possibility. This level of detail was chosen to represent our commitment to innovation, predominantly through the development and application of intuitive and efficient technology. Quality is also our responsibility as we honour the traditional techniques of tailors.


Client Service, Premium Quality, Bespoke Customization


Lingo Luxe Bespoke garments are handcrafted in Canada by an artisan team of 10 design veterans.


We set each client up for success with premium, quality constructed pieces built to last (25 years +) 


Personal patterns are created for each client to ensure the fit is customized to the individual 


Alterations are performed locally and can be personally delivered to your home or office 


Our online portal offers a personal stylist, providing up-to-date clothing expertise and advice 


Clients will have access to their online portfolio with measurements, preferences and purchase history

 Our offering includes:

 • Half-back or Full-back bemberg waistcoats 

 • Full Canvas Jackets (Bemberg linings, custom lapel hole colours, felt under collar, monogramming) 

 • Tailored Pants (rubber membrane, double reinforced crotch, lining to knee, notched loops, cotton pockets)

 • Amenities include: Shirts, Pocket Square, Ties 

• We only use luxury materials that come from Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom 

 • All materials are delivered with designer hanger, garment bag and care instructions

Closers in Black Event

For the VIPs and High Ticket Millionaire Mastermind

VIP Level: White Italian Linen Pocket Square with gold edging 14"x14" that can be worn as a pocket square, necktie or hair tie.

Millionaire Mastermind Level: Gold Italian Silk Pocket Square 14"x14" that can be worn as a pocket square, necktie or hair tie.

VIP Level: Full grain black leather luggage tag with gold hardware and initials embossed in gold.

Millionaire Mastermind Level: Full grain black leather notebook with gold hardware and initials embossed in gold.

VIP Level: Dark brown reversible Italian wool-silk scarf

Millionaire Mastermind Level: Gold reversible Italian wool-silk scarf

VIP Level: Black leather dahlia lapel pin

Millionaire Mastermind Level: Gold leather dahlia lapel pin

Millionaire Mastermind Level Premium Gift

Full grain black leather briefcase with gold hardware and embossed initials

Men's VIP gold and black silk bowtie lapel pin

Women's VIP gold leather dahlia lapel pin

Collaborations and Collections to Impress

As much as we like to think we provide imagery and options to inspire our clients, sometimes it's them who inspire us. 

We listened and collaborated to bring a fresh take of the Croatian "Picnic" Red and white checker tie to market. Sleek, modern interpretations of traditional motifs and imagery were incredibly well received by the market of our niche collection.

Working With Collaborators

We love the opportunity to work with others who share our values. If you value quality, service, luxury and meaningful client engagement, we want to work with you!

We are currently working with Lamborghini saleswoman, social media personality and entrepreneur Heather Ballentine and GTA Autos. We have chosen to work with Heather as she shares a passion for delivering her clients' vision of luxury, customized to their personality and lifestyle. 

If you can dream it, we can build it

We've worked with clients on a variety of projects beyond our suggested customizations. Bespoke by nature is incredibly personal, and we've helped clients execute projects inspired by their favourite comic book characters, such as a joker suit, the depths of their imagination, like a custom devil suit, or even a piece of home with photo print lining of family for a traveller. 

We're in the customer service business; we say yes when others say impossible.

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