“Inspired by Tradition, Motivated by Innovation” 

outlines our commitment to the vision of a technologically enhanced business model. We assess every company decision against our founding principles. Lingo Luxe is dedicated to ensuring authenticity in every undertaking. 

 Lingo Luxe Bespoke represents definiteness of purpose, a devotion and a commitment to researching new and innovative methods for creating ultra luxury items that enhance one’s personal style. We are founded on the principle that everyone has a unique story, a story that should be told to the world through their clothing; their own Lingo. The expression of your individuality through dress is how you communicate to the world, your own distinct “Lingo”.

 If you value quality construction, materials and an impeccable fit, you will find you share much of the same Lingo as our network of clients. We seek to provide you with the tools and options to assure your distinct style is strongly infused into every garment we provide you. 

 Our logo features a prancing Pegasus. The most powerful animal in Greek mythology, limitless in both ability and possibility. This level of detail was chosen to represent our commitment to innovation, predominantly through the development and application of intuitive and efficient technology. Quality is also our responsibility as we honour the traditional techniques of tailors.


A mutually beneficial partnership that allows two luxury brands to offer increased value to their clients. Because Mercedes Benz Burlington and Lingo Luxe Bespoke share similar visions of luxury, quality and impeccable customer service.

What we would offer...

We would like to introduce a program that rewards your client base for utilizing the Quantum Auto Spa detailing and maintenance services. We are proposing that money spent in the Quantum Auto Spa is equal to a discount with us towards their Lingo Luxe Bespoke purchase, suggesting our product, but also offering your clients a reward for their loyalty to the Mercedes Benz Burlington facility and services.


What you would offer...

We propose a space in the client spa and simulator area to highlight our product and mutually support both brands. It's a great opportunity to provide clients with a value add experience while their vehicles are undergoing maintenance. We have the ability to provide full consultations and measurements on site, allowing them to participate on site, or book an appointment for another day for another visit into the Mercedes Benz Burlington environment.

A Synergetic Relationship Based on Shared Core Values

Lingo Luxe Bespoke clients are Mercedes-Benz Burlington clients and Mercedes-Benz Burlington clients are Lingo Luxe Bespoke clients. Because we share core values and an equally high level of service, our target demographics are largely overlapping, making the partnership a win-win for both brands.

Reaching Into Our Contacts

We would seek to bring our clients into your environment. If they value luxury clothing delivered with an incredible level of service, it is likely they would enjoy a similar experience when purchasing a vehicle. We would like to offer, with the assistance of you team, a private product demo to showcase the latest luxury Mercedes Benz vehicles. We would source invitees from our contact list, bringing fresh eyes and a new audience into your space where your team has all the tools to shine.

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