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We begin first with a consultation. The consultation can be done in person or online at your convenience. This is your opportunity to ask questions, share preferences, discuss the process and help us understand how best to serve you. We are happy to provide on site consultations to clients living in the Toronto and GTA area, and highly recommend this option for bridal parties and large groups. If this is not an appropriate option, an online consultation with one of our customer service representatives will familiarize you with the process.

The consultation process will be used to build a personal profile that will be securely stored to include your preferences, past purchases, as well as height, weight, body shape, skin tone and undertones, as well as specific measurements needed to create your bespoke Lingo Luxe garment. If you opt for an on site consultation, a representative will take all required measurements for you.

If an online consultation is chosen, a representative can instruct you through the process if requested, so that accurate measurements can be recorded. To better understand your needs as our client, we encourage you to include information about extra curricular activities, preferences, personality, and lifestyle at and outside of work. We look to these profile-building points to find fabrics and styles that appeal to your personal experience.


After creating your profile and saving your preferences, you are ready to create the exact garment you have visualized by utilizing our interactive product builders. If you require more direction, continue your consultation through assistance by one of our representatives.


It is at this stage of the process that you will choose fabric for your garment, including the lining, contrast and self fabrics. Our selection of shirting material is available for swatch ordering. If you book an in-person consultation, our representative will guide you through our swatch books. As with every step of the Lingo Luxe process, our consultants are available for assistance should you feel you require more guidance.


Once your order is submitted, your measurements are sent to a patternmaker, who, through a series of fit and ease calculations, will draft a pattern specific to you. This is your personal pattern block, and will be saved for future orders. You will be informed when your pattern is complete. The pattern is then stored in a vault until needed for your next Lingo Luxe bespoke garment.

Bespoke tailor carefully chalks out the pattern for a bespoke suit before cutting the suiting fabric
Tailor carefully cuts out the pattern pieces of a bespoke suit of high quality grey wool suiting


From there, the pattern is sent to be cut out of your chosen fabrics. Care is taken to make certain the pattern is plotted on striped and checked fabrics so that the seams match, and positioned on larger prints to thoughtfully position the focal point of the print on the finished garment. The cutting process is often overlooked, but at Lingo Luxe, we understand how to best showcase our selection of luxury textiles.


The cut fabric pieces are then sewn together with the utmost care, as our skilled team breathes life into your garment design idea. Care is taken to make sure your garment not only fits perfectly, but that the fabric drapes in a flattering way to best rest on the body.

As your garment is completed, you will be again updated so that you can anticipate its arrival. Shipping and tracking information will shortly be dispatched as your finished garment is carefully packed and shipped to you according to your shipping preferences.