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Rugged rebel mens style, man poses in front of motorbike in leather jacket and bowtie


Sleek stylish man wears black suit and black turtleneck

Hallmarks of Your Style

  • Classic colours paired with rich, saturated accents
  • Classic fit, every piece is perfect for your proportions
  • Sleek, clean, modern with an edge
  • Your jacket collection is your trademark
  • Accessories are used sparingly and are thoughtfully applied to each look
  • An appreciation of fine craftsmanship
  • Every piece is a nod to the classic style of McQueen and the Bond lineup
  • Your wardrobe is versatile because your pieces mix and match effortlessly
  • Personal style trumps trends
  • Leather is timeless and a wardrobe staple
  • Your style is comfortable, but first and foremost, stylish
  • The classics, relaxed
  • Edgy details never look overworked because you carry them with confidence
  • Hits of silver bring your dark palette together

If the above Hallmarks of Style sound just like you, click here to find the perfect pieces to cater to your persona: