Silk & Wool Double-Sided Scarves

The Best of Both Worlds

The warmth of wool and the sleek look of silk, our double-sided scarves are the perfect solution for the spring and autumn chill. One side of solid colour wool, the other of patterned silk to provide you with 2 distinct looks, even on the go! 

Incredible Italian Quality, at a Great Price

The saturated prints are perfectly captured on the 100% Como silk to produce a rich colour and fine feel. Como silk is a highly prized material made in Italy's Lake Como region, where a tradition of excellence has established a global reverence for it's product. The solid-colour side is 100% wool to guard against the chill, while never compromising your style!

We're offering a promotional price as well as free delivery to get you into these incredible pieces for spring 2018, so what are you waiting for?

Wear it straight without a knot to showcase the patterned silk

Wear it without a knot, wool-side out for a sleeker look

Wear it knotted to show the best of both sides!