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Lingo Luxe Bespoke Suit Program - Gold Subscription

Enjoy the luxury of bespoke with the ease of monthly payments. Our suit subscription program is built to deliver you a fresh suit at regular intervals throughout the year while allowing you the flexibility of monthly payments. Get a wardrobe refresh or a completely fresh start on your dream wardrobe.

The Gold program is built to be the perfect wardrobe builder. You have your basics, now it's time to step up your look with incredible fabrics from legacy manufacturers. Elevate your existing wardrobe or explore new colours and patterns. Whatever your style goals, we're here to help you get there.

Gold level includes 2 suits made through our Bespoke on the Go line. The Bespoke on the Go line is a hybrid Made to Measure/Bespoke offering that gives you a custom fit made from your measurements with a quicker turnaround time. 

What it includes:

  • Support and consult for measurements and fabric choice
  • (2) 2 piece Bespoke on the Go suits of Gold level fabric
  • (2) Quality engraved suit hangers that fit your jacket size
  • (2) Luxury breathable garment bags to protect your investment in Gold Level yellow calvary twill with embroidered logo
  • Optional matching waistcoats
  • Annual payment plan with spaced delivery for a suit refresh throughout the year
  • 10% discount off of the total price of the package if purchased separately