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Men's Funky Dress Socks | Lingo Luxe The Sunny Day

We can all use a Sunny Day every once in a while.

Lingo Luxe presents The Sunny Day men's dress socks to inspire positivity even through dark days.

High quality, striped men's dress socks embody earthy tones gradually increasing in vibrancy to a bright sunny yellow.

Lingo Luxe Funky Dress Socks are an essential personalized accent to your bespoke suit.

Pair The Sunny Day men's dress socks with an olive or forest green suit for a heightened fashion effect. The Sunny Day dress socks are tapestry woven to ensure the integrity of the high quality sock design is maintained.

Lingo Luxe Men's Funky Socks Details

  • 80% Cotton / Nylon Blend, 20% Spandex
  • Men's Shoe Size: 7-11
  • Made in Canada
  • Care Instructions: Wash with like colours and hang to dry.