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July 18, 2018 2 min read

Colours are a tough arena for the uninitiated. 

Not only can they be difficult to match or coordinate, certain hues look better on some people than others. Once referred to as seasons, now more commonly understood as undertones, the colours found in our individual skin tones determine whether a colour is flattering or unflattering on a person. To complicate matters further for the wary apparel shopper, trend colours are dictated annually with the most prevalent colour report coming from Pantone. One of Pantone's most popular colours is a highly saturated, shocking purple known as ultraviolet. But how to wear it?

Take a Detailed Approach

Approaching Pantone's popular colours is much like approaching any style report - you have to look at the information through the lens of your own personal style. Ultraviolet is a cool colour that may not be suitable for those with strong warm undertones in large areas but can be used as a fun accessory, adding a dash of unexpected colour to any outfit. Think pocket squares, socks, or ties.

Ultraviolet Pocket Square

Approach Through Compliments

Another way to approach popular or seasonal colours is through complementary colours. Pantone does an excellent job providing colour stories that give you groups of coordinating or contrasting colours based on - but not limited to - a star colour.


Remember not all colours, in this case purples, are created equal! A quick look at the Purple Haze colour story shows cool toned, neutral toned and warm toned purples that are all on trend.



The Intrigue palette is full of neutrals to work in with trendy colors for a more accessible look that is also more likely to borrow staple items from your wardrobe.

The Whole Picture

What many seem to miss when Pantone announces a trending colour is that the colour will be popping up across apparel, home goods, interior design and more. If ultraviolet isn’t to your liking, find another key colour or set of colours that appeal to your own sensibilities and personal style. If the bright colours suggested in Pantone's colour reports have yet to impress you, there’re always a selection of neutrals that are great guide to determine what to pull out of your wardrobe staples for the upcoming season.

Personal Style Trumps Trends

Lastly, as champions of personal style, we say there’s nothing wrong with classic dressing or sticking close to your existing personal styles files. Returning to the pieces you know and love is an easy way of pulling successful looks for any season. Your tried-and-true pieces should flatter your skin tone, fit perfectly and exude your personal style, and that sounds like a winning look to us!

Lingo Luxe Colour Palettes

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