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December 30, 2019 2 min read

Without speaking a single word, your tie communicates volumes about you and your personal style. We just can't help judging "a book by its cover" and although your entire outfit is communicative, your tie speaks the loudest. Many times your tie is the center piece of your outfit. Take advantage of the opportunity to communicate the right message with your tie.

Bow Tie or Neck Tie?

Lingo Luxe Bespoke Bow Tie

Life is full of tough decisions. Many men use the bow tie as a signature statement piece for every occasion. Others only wear bow ties to "black tie" events. Neck ties are perceived as being conservative and they are the most common tie, especially in business settings. Bow ties channel a bit of mystique and class that communicates that you are unbothered by the opinions of others.Take the event into account when choosing your type of tie. Typically, though not exclusively, "black tie" events call for a bow tie, whereas business scenarios are often more geared toward neck ties.

Lingo Luxe Style Tip: Only experiment with a bow tie if you can confidently tie it properly.

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Tie Color

Ties are the best way to deliver a pop of colour or expression to an otherwise conservative suit. For professional settings, stay true to classic style. Pair a muted coloured tie with a crisp white dress shirt. To grab some extra attention, opt for a bright, bold tie. Flashy patterned ties are sure to turn heads.

Tie Pattern

Toe the line with required dress codes by wearing a patterned tie. Embroidered designs, mixing patterned ties with striped dress shirts, and themed ties are a few ways to display your personal style. 

Tie Knot

Your tie knot speaks volumes about your personal style and level of sophistication. The Four-In-Hand knot is the most common and works best for taller men because it uses very little tie length. The Full Windsor offers unparalleled symmetry and is best worn by men with wider necks. The Eldredge tie knot was invented by a man who was bored with the conventional Four-In-Hand knot and needed something extravagant. Be prepared for the attention you will receive with the Eldredge knot.

In addition to the above tie features, how you wear your tie gives others a sense of your personal style. Do you prefer a crisp, starched shirt buttoned up dress shirt with a neatly tied tie? Or do you prefer an unbuttoned top button with a looser tie for a more casual, approachable look? Be mindful of how much you say with your tie and be deliberate about your tie style.

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