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November 04, 2019 3 min read

If you look around during the hustle and bustle of commuter traffic, it is easy to become numb to the sea of very similar men's dress shirts. But, every once in awhile a dress shirt stands out from the crowd. When this happens, the dress shirt is not simply another dress shirt in the sea of businessmen. The dress shirt is bespoke.

Men's Dress Shirt Options


You have many options when selecting a dress shirt. Most men pluck a shirt from the rack at the local menswear outlet and hope that it fits. We refer to this as the "good" option. Is your goal to be "good?" Of course not! Good is mediocrity and that's not good enough for you.


Some men opt for made to measure dress shirts. Although you may feel like made to measure is a custom option, they are almost always sub-contracted out to overseas cut-make-trim facilities. Made to measure shirts use body measurements, measurements from an existing shirt, or a predictive size algorithm to customize the shirt to your size and shape. You will have a few fabric and detail options and the end result is a better dress shirt than one that is off the rack. We call this "better" and it still isn't up to your standards.


A very select few of elite men who truly understand what it means to have a custom wardrobe rely on the bespoke process for their dress shirts. This is the dress shirt that stands out in the crowd during the commuter rush. This is the dress shirt that is impossible NOT to notice, along with the man who wears it. We call this "best" and this is you.

Bespoke dress shirt cuff

What Is A Bespoke Dress Shirt?

Bespoke dress shirts are the quintessential menswear fashion pieces. Your bespoke dress shirt experience begins with an initial consultation with a Lingo Luxe Bespoke master tailor. The tailor's goal is to learn about you as a man. He will strive to learn as much about your lifestyle and objectives as possible so that he can create the perfect shirt that aligns with your personality and expectations. 

Fit is Everything

The bespoke team will develop a highly customized personal profile as the foundation of what will be a long-term relationship. Precise measurements will be taken and documented as part of your profile. Considerations during this process are neck pitch, shoulder shape, and positioning, overall posture, arm length, combined with many other factors. Your personal profile will include a hand-drawn dress shirt pattern that will ensure that your dress shirts are crafted specifically for you, each and every time.

It's All in the Details

Once the personal profile is created and the fit assessment is complete, it is time to discuss the details. You will be presented with a fabric swatch book and will discuss textures, patterns, and price points. Your tailor will provide a rich education about the preferred shirting mills and seasonal fabric options. 

Next, you will select the style of collar and cuffs, stitch type, buttons, among several other options. How you wear your dress shirts will dictate many of these choices. 

Tailor's tools

The Final Product: Your Bespoke Dress Shirt

Because the vital components of a bespoke dress shirt are completed by hand, your dress shirt is not simply another dress shirt. Your final product is a high quality, one of a kind custom dress shirt designed specifically for your personality, purpose, and frame. You will turn heads. You deserve it!

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