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Luxury Wooden Men's Trouser Hanger

Your menswear spend most of their lives on a hanger. Lingo Luxe luxury wooden trouser hangers are designed to protect your clothes and extend their lives.

Stop creasing and pinching trousers with stiff clips found on low quality hangers.

Lingo Luxe luxury wooden men's trouser hangers ensure that your pants look as good on you as when you first hung it up.

Made with polished wood, our luxury trouser hangers display and maintain your pants as the tailor originally intended. Functional and beautiful, Lingo Luxe luxuy hangers are designed to last.

Luxury Wooden Trouser Hanger Details

  • Available in your choice of Butler, Gloss Birch, or Pure Maple finish
  • Designed to hang your trousers from the cuff allowing the weight of the garment pull out wrinkles while hanging
  • Solid-wood construction with velvet lining to prevent marking or damage to delicate fabrics
  • Inner sections carved out to allow for side seams without imprinting fabric