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Client Reviews

We are proud to provide our Lingo Luxe clients with premium quality garments, as well as exceptional, personal, world-class customer service. Below you will find what our clients have to say about their Lingo Luxe experience.

" I have purchased from Lingo Luxe on numerous occasions, and I simply refuse to go back to the other guys knowing what I know now. The entire process from start to finish is incredibly detailed, professional and informative. Over the years the number of companies in the 'custom tailoring' segment has grown, but make no mistake, they are not all the same. Lingo is far superior in quality and craftsmanship.Definitely 5 out of 5 stars."

- James Ashford

"I have purchased a three-piece custom suit and a high-quality dress shirt from Lingo Luxe. The step by step process involved to ensure that the garments were tailored to my satisfaction was methodical and precise. Each aspect of the product was measured and re-measured for quality assurance. Due to the unique nature of providing custom clothes for a variety individuals with different needs and sizes, it is very challenging to deliver repeatedly and consistently; which Lingo has seemed to master. Lingo Luxe had exceptional custom service, and even as my weight fluctuates they continue to provide alterations and adjustments as requested. The high quality of materials that are used supports the Lingo Luxe brand, ensuring that the finished product lasts over time. The customization process that is involved is sophisticated and thorough. I am looking forward to ordering and receiving more high end dress clothes from this incredibly dedicated and passionate brand."

- Scott McIvor

 "My experience at Lingo Luxe has been second to none.  They have provided customized service coupled with superior quality fabrics that come together and provide a top notch client experience.  Andrew's relentless approach to achieving the highest level of client satisfaction has definitely impressed me.  I wanted to make a few changes when I received my garment and to my amazement; a whole new shirt was remade when it wasn't warranted, just to ensure Lingo Luxe had my full confidence.  Don't be afraid if you've never considered a customized fitting solution.  At Lingo Luxe, you can be sure to expect the highest level of service; he will walk you through the process and let you understand when and where you need the value."

- Ben Hui

 "A fantastic experience!I recently went to a trunk show for Lingo Luxe Bespoke that was held in the party room of an upscale condo near Bloor West Village. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised from the moment I walked into the room to the moment I received my order at my doorstep for a dress shirt fully tailored exactly how I wanted!    What made this experience worth sharing?The Personal Touch – being greeted right away with a handshake, an open invitation to refreshments alongside Andrew’s patience, knowledge of the product and dedication to getting everything right the first time.   The presentation – there was two large rooms very carefully laid out and well organized which made it very easy to find colours and patterns.The Service – the Lingo Luxe team was very attentive and spent a great deal of time listening to my wants, making recommendations and really going the extra mile to ensure I was completely satisfied. I also received a follow up email the next day following the show thanking me for my business, confirming my order and details on when I might expect my shirt at my door. I particularly liked how I was informed every step of the way and they did everything they said they would.The Product - Fits better than any other tailored dress shirt I have previously owned and is fully customized right down to the button colours and personalized monograms! I have worn this shirt out for special occasions 3 or 4 times and continue to receive compliments and questions about where I got it.A big thank you to Andrew and his team for a great experience and an impressive product. I will absolutely be a return customer!"
- Jason Horrell