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Garment Storage

Protecting Your Investment

You spend time and money curating and perfecting your wardrobe, don't store it in dry cleaner plastic and on flimsy hangers!
Solid, supportive hangers and properly ventilated garments bags will help to keep your garments looking as good as they did the day you first brought them home.

A Garment Bag That Breathes

We're all accustomed to the flimsy, crinkly, plastic garment bags widely distributed with purchase, but just because they are widely available, doesn't make them the best choice for your wardrobe.

Plastic can trap in moisture that absorbent clothing can hold onto, even hours after wear. Natural fibres like cotton, linen and wool are particularly susceptible to moisture retention, they are also the most vulnerable to mold and deterioration caused by moisture.

A breathable garment bag allows your clothing to fully dry between wears, while protecting it from light damage, dirt and dust. We've designed the Lingo Luxe Bespoke wool calvary twill garment bags with your long fashion game in mind.

Custom bespoke cobalt garment bag for storing bespoke garments

Good Hangers are Key

Have you ever noticed the shoulders of your clothing looking out of shape or unnatural?

Wire or plastic hangers often have sharp corners that can wear the shoulder of your garments. Standard sized hangers are equally a risk when those sharp
corners break the silhouette between your shoulder and neckline on a hanger too small, or wear at your sleeve cap on a hanger too large for your garment.

Shaped, gently-sloped, properly sized wooden hangers with rounded corners can help keep the shape of your garment and avoid stress on the seams while storing your garments. Our collection of men's hangers are available in 4 widths and women's are available in 2 widths to provide accurate sizing for your garments.

Available Finishes

Pure Maple hanger finish

Pure Maple

Dapper finish mens hanger finish

Dapper Finish (Men's)

Gloss Birch womens hanger finish

Gloss Birch (Women's)

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