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Chic silver haired man with bow tie and glasses embodies hipster style

Hipster Chic

The quirky classic, the trend turned staple - hipster chic. A nod to retro styling with a sense of fun, hipster style is the chic urban dweller expressing love for handmade, quality craftsman goods. You're an expert at mixing prints and patterns to showcase your personal style with a sense of whimsy. Classic fabrics and playful silhouettes characterize your wardrobe. You're approachable, but enviable, a great mix for any event.

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Young hip man with dreads styles round sunglasses and scarf
Man in patterned shirt poses with hipster glasses

Moustached gentleman wears a retro vest, tie and pocket square on the street

Hallmarks of Your Style

  • Traditional patterns and prints mixed in a fresh way
  • Classic styles in retro proportions
  • Expert in layering
  • Quirky and vintage accessories is your trademark
  • A sense of fun in every look
  • An appreciation of fine craftsmanship
  • Chunky wools, leather, velvet - you're not afraid to use textures
  • Every look is undeniably you, you introduce yourself before speaking because your personal style trumps trends
  • Leather is timeless and a wardrobe staple
  • Waistcoats, pocket squares, bowties and classic watches are in heavy rotation
  • Grooming is an integral part of your personal style
  • Your wardrobe is a fine mix of vintage and carefully curated new pieces

Bearded hipster man in a deep red suit and sunglasses rests on a bench

Blond hipster man in boiled wool peacoat and chunky knit scarf