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Normal Wear & Stress

Your favorite dress-shirt can last a long time when it is made with good planning and care. You can slow down or completely prevent much of the normal discoloration and wear that can happen by taking simple preventative measures.   At Lingoluxe / Andrew Frank we build resilience and toughness into every shirt we make. even the mostdelicate garments.  

Cuffs and collars can get dirty from foreign substances such as oils from the wearers' skin or from makeup. When these absorb into collars they can cause natural fibers to discolor.  

Elbows are a high-stress area for a shirt. We use the most resilient fabric available. When you purchase pegasus protection, we keep the extra fabric on file for your shirt in case of elbow wear.  

How We Prevent Typical Shirt Issues

Many of our most loyal customers have come to us after bad experiences with garments, which have not been made to the Lingoluxe / Andrew Frank standard.   These are some of the complaints we typically hear about competitors garments and a brief description of why they are rare occurrences with the shirts we make.

  • Buttons don’t stay on - we prevent this issue by using high-quality, high-twist button thread and apply buttons properly.
  • Elbows and high-stress areas wear out quickly - This is avoided when the right fabric is used. We help you choose appropriate fabrics from our library of high-quality materials. We choose only fabrics which are designed to hold their shape and hold up to normal wear. We source from high-quality manufacturers thatuse long-staple cotton to assure smooth, durable fabrics.
  • Pattern/colors are hard to pair - We provide pairing suggestions, complementary schemes and coordinating ideas to maximize the versatility of that fabric you fell in love with.
  • The shirt doesn’t fit as anticipated - We get this right every time because a personal pattern is drafted from your exact measurements. Making a perfect shirt is the best achieved by having a second fitting while the garment is being assembled. Your shirt will fit perfectly. We’re not done until you love the fit.
  • Standard shirt cut doesn’t accommodate your frame or preferences - We design your shirt pattern based on your preferences from the consultation. We can design your shirt using a slim, trim or regular or with extra ease. We make the shirt you want with extra ease anywhere you like, depending on the range-of-motion required by you.
  • We make sure you understand what you’re getting. We instruct on fabric choice, provide a mockup, styling advice and aftercare so the love-affair with your shirt lasts a long time.
  • We’re not happy until you love your piece. We consult with you at progress-checkpoints, share mockups and compare our measurements and the garment in progress against your body to make sure we are still creating a garment exactly as you have envisioned.

Body Changes

The fit of your shirt is perfect on delivery and beyond-perfect after it's first washed.  

But what happens if there are weight fluctuations muscle gain or loss, or a series of culinary indiscretions?   Here's what we do to make sure your shirt changes with you.

Preventative Measures

  • In our initial consultation, we find out how much shape variability might be reasonable to expect in your case, including your history and your current fitness goals.  
  • Generous seam allowance is built into every part of the shirt where it might be needed in the future. Based on your historical weight and size variability, we make sure the right amount of extra fabric is to address similar changes which might happen in the future.
  • Accommodation is made for your personal range-of-motion as well as size differences in relaxed and flexed muscles.


Your shirt is made of high quality natural fibres that are tightly woven to resist daily dirt.

Spills and accidents happen. That’s where the added care of the Pegasus Protection comes in. For some of the most disastrous accidents, in cases where repair is nearly impossible, we still have you covered.

For an additional fee at the time of purchase of your shirt, additional yard of fabric for your shirt that is theEXACT dye-lot colour to keep on file in our one site client archive. This can be accessed to replace worn cuffs or collars or to replace torn or stained panels or sleeves, even years later.

Improper Care & Storage

We're sure your LingoLuxe or Andrew Frank shirt will be one of your favorite garments, and you will want to keep it looking its very-best for years to come.  

By washing, pressing, and storing your garments properly, you extend the lifetime of your hardest working garments. For full instructions of taking care of your favourite dress shirt, visit our care instructions page at

Proper Storage

Shirts should always be stored in an area with proper ventilation and never in a plastic garment bag. Cotton and linen are natural, cellulose fibres, so they will hold onto moisture which can result in the growth of mold or mildew.   Your natural fibres should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place to protect the colour and integrity of your fabrics.

Your shirt purchase includes a breathable garment bag suitable for transport or storage of your shirt.

I have purchased from Lingo Luxe on numerous occasions, and I simply refuse to go back to the other guys knowing what I know now. The entire process from start to finish is incredibly detailed, professional and informative. Over the years the number of companies in the ‘custom tailoring’ segment has grown, but make no mistake, they are not all the same. Lingo is far superior in quality and craftsmanship. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars.” - James Ashford


Our job is to match your outward presentation with your values and standards. Your Lingo Luxe suit is nothing short of a revelation of your inner self. Every decision you make in your dress and personal grooming affects how naturally you’ll influence your customers, coworkers, clients and our own behavior.

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