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Dapper gentleman sits on a bench in a grey checked suit with luxury watch, tie and pocket square

The Gentleman

Classic pattern, bold colours and impeccable accents; you understand the elements of style and exactly how to wear them. Your wardrobe is made up of colours that suit your skintone, cuts that flatter your body and accessories that make your peers take note. Dressing is a passion and your personal style is unparalleled. You invest time and resources into key pieces that can only be described as showstoppers. The considered style advice you give to admirers is the only hint that your look is not as effortless as it seems.

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Silver haired gentleman poses with bone coloured jacket, suspenders and bespoke french cuff shirt

Stylish man smokes cigar in satin jacket and check waistcoat

Hallmarks of Your Style


  • Strong colours and patterns expertly styled
  • Classic styles with a nod to traditional
  • Expert in fit and cut - you know what suits your frame and no trend will distract you from looking your best
  • A patron of bespoke
  • An appreciation of fine craftsmanship
  • Luxury is looking your best in pieces made for you
  • Personal style trumps trends
  • Every look is polished, head to toe
  • Overdressed isn't in your vocabulary
  • You feel your best in a bespoke suit and freshly shined shoes
  • You're not scared to layer in scarves or top off your look with a dapper hat
  • You have the confidence and experience to bring in unexpected pieces and styling
  • You never leave the house without a freshly pressed shirt
  • You understand how to take care of your garments and consider them an investment
  • You believe dressing well is a sign of respect to your peers, family and friends

Dapper young Black man in bright blue suit and hat poses with cane

Sharp dressed young man reads the paper in khaki jacket with paisley pocket square