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Man wearing blazer and tshirt works on laptop remotely

The Tech Exec

You're changing the way we interact with our devices, advancing industries with cutting edge technology and disruptive ideas, you are The Tech Exec. Your personal style reflects your commitment to simple solutions that work for you and your clients. Comfort is a must for you knowing innovation demands long days, balanced with your sleek style that communicates your capability to your peers and partners.

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Business man wear sleek blazer and leather messenger bag
Tech Titan man in navy blazer and messenger bag
Businessman in sleek navy blazer and simple shirt poses with leather messenger bag
Sleek styled man wears simple blue suit and white tshirt

Man wears sleek outfit of navy suit jacket and v neck tee and cap

Hallmarks of Your Style

  • Simple, Sleek
  • Comfortable
  • Professional but approachable
  • Classic colours in modern cuts
  • Versatile blazers that look equally great over a simple t shirt for a day in the office or an elegant custom shirt for client meetings
  • Simple accessories, no fussy neckties or layers
  • A sense of fun - a youthful vibe found in funky socks, a clean cap or a strong stripe
  • Leather accessories - your go-to messenger bag, sleek folders, key chain
  • The latest gadgets to store all your files on the go and remind everyone you're always a step ahead
  • Sharp looks with mobility in mind - you're constantly on the go sharing the latest methods and programs to your coworkers and clients

Friendly man with blazer and striped tee works on a tablet

Well dressed man in navy suit works on laptop