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Pegasus Protection | Lingo Luxe

When you love a garment, you reach for it more often. The more often a piece is worn the more likely it is to be damaged in your day-to-day hustle.

Coffee stained cuffs, a snag on your collar, even general elbow wear are all common occurrences when you’re focused on your day-to-day tasks.

Lingo Luxe is proud to offer a solution; the first of it’s kind in the industry.

Pegasus Protection is a one-time fee that has your new favourite shirt covered. Worn elbows, snags, stains or tears in your cuffs or collar, we’ll replace them so you can get back at it in your go-to shirt. 

How Pegasus Protection Works

  1. When you purchase any dress shirt from Lingo Luxe, simply add “Pegasus Protection” to your cart.

  2. At a low cost of $75 this ensures that your sleeves, cuffs and collar are covered for the entire life of the shirt. It also includes the necessary repairs and two-way shipping (from you to us and from us back to you).

  3. If your shirt becomes damaged, simply email or call Lingo Luxe and our team will guide you through the steps to claim your repair.
Lingo Luxe purchases and stores additional material for you at the time of your original shirt order. Even if your shirt is discontinued, that is no problem. 

Lingo Luxe will process your claim immediately and within 12 days, your repaired dress shirt will be shipped to your location of choice.
    Protect your investment in your high quality Lingo Luxe wardrobe with Pegasus Protection.