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November 18, 2019 2 min read

An age-old complaint about menswear has been the restrictive necktie. They are binding and hot and not always necessary. We have noticed menswear trends heading into the direction of more casual. So, the question is, "can you go without a tie?"

To Forego the Tie or Not?

The traditional response is a resounding "No!" The components of a suit are carefully designed to be worn together. Right? Ties are what "tie" the whole look together and interlock all of the pieces. These are all true statements. But, times are changing a bit. 

Wearing a suit complete with a tie is required for professional and formal events. You don't want to convey an attitude of laziness or blatant disregard for convention. However, there are certain occasions when a bespoke dress shirt with a sport coat is an amazing look, even without a tie. Ditching the tie can make you seem more approachable and less rigid. 

It is important to keep some simple guidelines in mind if you plan to go tie-less.

Guidelines to Go Tie-less

If you plan to skip the tie, it is imperative that the end result looks like every piece was selected intentionally. You never want anyone to think that you forgot your tie or that it was an oversight. 

Perfect Fit. When each piece (dress shirt, sport coat, trousers) is bespoke, the fit will be absolutely perfect. There will be no mistake that skipping the tie was deliberate. 

Collar Care. Your dress shirt collar functions as a frame for your face. When you opt for bespoke dress shirts, your personal tailor has carefully considered the shape of your face and crafted a collar that is complementary. The average off the rack dress shirt collar tends to flop without a tie's support. Bespoke dress shirts that are carefully cared for will stand up straight and maintain ideal vertical orientation. 

Go Casual. Don't try to wear a tuxedo without a tie. Common sense will dictate that your sport coat and trousers should lean towards the casual side in cut and fabric if you plan to go without a tie.

Attention to Detail. Consider unbuttoning one or two buttons on your dress shirt. Without a tie, dress shirts can look stuffy buttoned up to the top. Take care to wear an undershirt that will not show when a couple of buttons are undone. 

Accessorize. Without the pop of color that a tie provides, add some dazzle to your look with accessories. Shine those shoes to give the impression that you respect the details. Wear your most impressive watch and pop in a patterned pocket square. 

Deciding to leave the tie at home doesn't mean that you will look like a slob. As with any fashion look, take time to consider each piece and how they will fit together. If you want to hold the tie, go for it.

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