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Perfect Fit Promise

Bespoke is all about getting that dream fit, the perfect garment that feels like it was made for you, and only you – because it was. With that said, everyone has a different version of what the dream fit should be. We do our best to understand your personal preferences in our initial consultation meeting, but for some of you the first shirt will not produce your best fit. Half an inch more in the shoulder, a bit more off the hem - rest assured we are committed to getting you the perfect fit and have developed a process to make this happen.


Example #1: You’ve received your first shirt and it doesn’t fit perfectly. What do you do?

Example #2: You want to order multiple shirts at a time but are afraid that measurements, ease and fit preferences may lead to multiple ill-fitting garments, and now have to pay to have them altered.


One Try Process

Example #1: We will make your first shirt and send it to you for evaluation.  We want you to try it on how you’ll be wearing it. Tucked or untucked, with or without a tie, with an undershirt or without. Consider the overall fit of the shirt, focusing on the chest, waist, collar and sleeve length. Make a note of what needs to be addressed and measure what needs to be done. (Please measure in metric inches). We will make all necessary adjustments and send your perfect fit right to your door.

Perfect Fit Promise

Example #2:  We will make one shirt, then ship it to you for evaluation. After you have finished you’re evaluation, simply log into your account and send us your thoughts! If the shirt is perfect, you simply release the other five shirts from your order and we will get straight to making those five shirts, using the same pattern as that initial garment to achieve the same great fit. If changes need to be made, we will alter your first shirt, and make the other five shirts to match the new fit. We then store your changes to your file, and create a new Master Pattern for you to be stored in our vaults until your next Lingo Luxe Bespoke order.