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October 21, 2019 2 min read

Suit jackets and sport jackets are very flattering, especially when they fit perfectly. Most upscale events require a jacket and many state that on invitations.

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Sometimes you don't want to wear a jacket. There are many reasons why you wouldn't always want to wear a jacket. They can feel too formal and be too hot. The good news is that there are ways to maintain your fashion standards without wearing a jacket every day. 

Start with a Bespoke Dress Shirt

Without a jacket to cover it up, the fit of your dress shirt becomes increasingly important. The best looking dress shirt is a bespoke dress shirt that is perfectly crafted to fit your unique frame. Bespoke is the only way to avoid loose billowing at the waistline and unsightly gaps around the neck or wrists. A bespoke dress shirt will look natural and comfortable and is impressive even without a jacket.

Now that you have your bespoke dress shirts, here are a few looks to try.

Flashy Below, Simple Above

If you plan to ditch the jacket and tie but don't want to look sloppy or underdressed, opt for a flashy pair of trousers. Reach outside of your comfort zone with some brightly colored plaid pants or a bright solid. Rely on a unique pair of trousers that will be perfectly paired with a crisp, solid dress shirt in either a neutral color or contrasting color.

Dress Up Denim

 Social events call for dressed-up denim. Dark blue denim jeans with a close fit can be easily dressed up with a crisply starched and ironed bespoke dress shirt. Select an elegant patterned shirt with a touch of color and pay attention to the tuck. A classy belt adds the finishing touch.

The Classic Khaki

Wearing khakis is a time-honored tradition. Make your clean, crisp pair of khaki trousers look flawless with a patterned bespoke dress shirt. Add a bright, flashy necktie to separate yourself from the other khaki guys.

Laid Back

Sometimes you need to look laid back without a care in the world. Ridding yourself of a jacket is a great start, but finish it off with a relaxed, light-colored bespoke dress shirt. Linen pants work well with this look with the obligatory pastel shirt. Bespoke dress shirts allow for that untucked look to stand out. Sandals or slip ons and a slow, deliberate swagger tops off the laid back look.

As with any menswear, the recipe for pulling it off is a perfect fit and a heavy dose of confidence.

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