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July 25, 2018 2 min read

Understanding the upcoming fashion forecast from extravagant runway shows is a difficult task. What is purely conceptual or part of the show and which trends are real and translatable ideas for your wardrobe?

Currently in both menswear and womenswear we are seeing a 70s revival, translated into textures ready for Fall/Winter. Rich velvets, wide-ribbed corduroys and textured suede are in favour for another round as the temperature dips.

But how do I incorporate the looks in seeing in editorials I to my classic wardrobe?

One of the most important things to understand is that trends are completely optional. If the runway looks you see aren’t sparking any interest, skip the seasons’ trends and opt for classic dressing - or if you follow a subculture style, stick to the conventions dictated by tastemakers in that set.

Okay, so we know trends are optional, that also means you can pick and choose which trends you follow, you aren’t committed to the whole set. You might like the idea of a suede jacket, but you aren’t sold on the adventurous colourway that is proving popular.

Whether you already participated in that look the last fashion cycle, or it’s just not the colour for your undertones, you can skip the distilled trend in favour of a classic cut and colour, which will keep your look fresh but comfortable.

These au jour le jour jackets are eye-catching, but lack versatility and are a greater styling challenge - not for the individual hesitant about bold looks!

This classic cut jacket found at Your Average Guy is a great way to nod to retro style without sacrificing versatility.

Colours and patterns are a great way to incorporate a trend into your look. Sticking to classic cuts and pieces you know that you’ll love it’s a safe approach toward wardrobe building, but the fun that can be injected into your every day look a trendy colour the pattern shouldn’t be overlooked buy those seeking to expand the scope of their wardrobe.

Salvatore Ferragamo dabbled in beautiful butterscotch and bold printed texture, but this isn't a Wednesday at the office.

The rockstar inspired texture over at Ann Demeulemeester is a tough look to pull off.

The texture and colour of these Loro Piana pants are a great example of a richly textured wool in a trendy colour pattern that very much still falls under the umbrella of classic dressing.

Lastly, accessories for a small nod to a trending look are a great half-step for those who prefer a more classic look or who are required to wear more traditional outfits for professional purposes. A rich velvet bowtie or a brightly coloured pocket square in an on-trend colour are great ways to incorporate the trend’s colour story and textures.

With all the shades of a sunset, the Parade is keeping a cool vibe.

The richly textured geometric print of the Mirage sure to turn some heads with it's natural sheen.

The Sterling's rich velvet knot is a great pop of texture without sacrificing your personal style to a trend.

The retro paisley print of the Meadow is sure to keep you looking slick.

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