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When the planning of sourcing and manufacturing for Lingo Luxe began, it was the only choice to look locally first. Canada has a rich history in trade of raw and refined goods. “Made in Canada” used synonymous with quality, premium goods. However, as the popularity in outsourcing to cheaper, offshore manufacturers grew, many Canadian companies who wanted to keep their businesses in Canada cut corners and quality of fabrics in order to compete. Lingo Luxe will never compromise on its fabrics, its promise to use local manufacturers, and its devotion to a premium finished product. 

We want to be part of the return to Canadian manufacturing that informed consumers are now inviting. By keeping production local, we are able to work closely with our skilled personnel at our manufacturing facilities. Not only are we able to oversee quality control and production standards, but also interact with our staff to help realize our shared vision of quality garments. We’re proud to call ourselves Canadian, and would love the opportunity to show you what Canada can do. Believe in Canadian Manufacturing.

Because we manufacture close to home, any last minute requests can be facilitated; we have a direct line to our skilled technicians rather than sending a request down a chain of possible miscommunication. We do things a little differently than the majority of the industry. Rather than sourcing from large facilities, we decided we wanted to work with the numerous world-class artisans, as well as undiscovered artisans, right here in Canada.

Canada was once home to a respectable garment manufacturing community. Our community of garment manufacturers has shrunk to a fraction of what it once was. But we still have the knowhow, and we are world-class. We saw opportunity where others saw impossibility, and we’re here to show that it can be done. With innovative strategies and our unwavering commitment to quality always in mind, we are producing a premium line for those who demand more of their garments.

It is time to put Canada back on the map, and show the world more than hockey and polar bears. We are here to disrupt a stale process of ill fitting, poorly made garments with our bespoke, premium-quality garments. We are here to put the power of choice back in the hands of the wearer, and we’re proudly starting that journey right here, in the True North strong and free.