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When sourcing and manufacturing for Lingo Luxe Bespoke began there was no other choice for us than Made in Canada materials. Canada has a rich history in trade of raw and refined goods and “Made in Canada” is synonymous with premium quality materials. Lingo Luxe will never compromise on the quality of fabrics used to create our legendary garments. And we maintain our promise to use local manufacturers.

We are an important part of the return to Canadian manufacturing that informed consumers seek. By keeping production local, we work closely with our skilled personnel at our manufacturing facilities. Not only are we able to oversee quality control and production standards, but also interact with staff to help realize our shared vision of quality garments.

We’re proud to call ourselves Canadian, and would love the opportunity to show you what Canada can do.

Believe in Canadian Manufacturing.

Keeping manufacturing facilities close to home allows last minute requests to be accommodated. We have a direct line to and personal relationship with our fabric suppliers and tailors. We do things a little differently than the majority of the industry. Rather than sourcing from large facilities, we work with world-class artisans right here in Canada.

In years past, Canada was home to a respectable garment manufacturing community. Although that community has diminished to a fraction of what it once was, Lingo Luxe Bespoke is committed to stay true to our roots. With innovative strategies and an unwavering commitment to quality, we are producing a premium menswear line for those who demand more of their garments.

It is time to put Canada back on the map and show the world more than hockey and polar bears. We are here to disrupt a stale process of ill fitting, poorly made garments with our bespoke, premium-quality menswear. Our journey proudly begins right here, in the True North strong and free.

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