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Closeup of clean styling of a classic navy suit and red tie

The Minimalist

Simplicity isn't basic, it's informed. Every piece in your wardrobe is carefully chosen to work together and fully embody your style. Classic cuts and colours come together to give you a versatile lineup that always looks sleek. You skip fussy accessories in favour of staple pieces and clean shapes. Your look is approachable and professional while exuding a sense of cool admired by your peers.

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Sleek dressed man in grey wears suit jacket over v neck sweater

Sleek dressed man in black turtleneck and herringbone coat poses in front of stone building

Hallmarks of Your Style

  • Classic colours
  • Classic fit, every piece is perfect for your proportions
  • Sleek, clean, modern
  • Accessories are used sparingly and are thoughtfully applied to each look
  • An appreciation of fine craftsmanship
  • Every piece is a nod to classic style but through your personal lens
  • Your wardrobe is versatile because your pieces mix and match effortlessly
  • You invest in pieces knowing they'll never go out of style
  • Your wardrobe is always fresh, trends are shown through accessories
  • Your lineup follows the principles of capsule wardrobe
  • Your style transitions well from day to night
  • Sharp details and a perfect fit make sure your style is never labelled as boring

Simply dressed man laughs in black turtleneck and round glasses

Sleek dressed man in navy suit checks time