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Croatian Tie - The Luscious - Black

"Hej Livnjaci, hej zemljaci, ponosne i svete krvi, … kad se puca, kad se slavi, mi smo uvik bili prvi.”

Lingo Luxe The Luscious men's necktie celebrates the tradition of Livno (founded in 892 AD) and its Croatian heritage. While small in terms of population, the heart of Livno beats loud and exceptionally proud. And it’s worth noting … ‘Livanjski Sir’ (a robust cheese, with a light tangy taste) will absolutely rock your world.

The Luscious men's tie is rich with heritage and will become a striking conversation starter.

Lingo Luxe Men's Ties are an essential personalized accent to your bespoke suit.

The Luscious men's tie is available in your choice of four sizes.

Lingo Luxe Men's Tie Details

  • Premium quality high twist poly-twill fabric
  • Available in your choice of four sizes
  • Dry Clean only, Do not iron

 Available Tie Size Options

Children: Width: 2" Length: 54"  Fit: suitable for children 13 & under.

Standard: Width: 2.75" Length: 58"  Fit: Fits most adults 6' 2" & under.

Long: Width: 3.5" Length: 62"  Fit: Fits most adults 6' 2" & over.

Extra Long: Width: 3.5" Length: 66"  Fit: Fits most adults 6' 5" & over.


* Each tie is made from scratch to your exact specifications upon order.