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Croatian Tie | The Whip - Red


Kamen, krš i maslina … vino, ganga, Neretva. Sve to ima zemlja ta … moja Hercegovina.”
Few lyrics can whip-up more pride in the hearts of Hercegovci and Croats, in general!
 The Whip is a tribute to Herceg-Bosna, … its people … and its deep-rooted tradition!


Product Features:

Children's: Width: 2" Length: 54"  Fit: suitable for children 13 & under.

Standard: Width: 2.75" Length: 58"  Fit: Fits most adults 6' 2" & under.

Long: Width: 3.5" Length: 62"  Fit: Fits most adults 6' 2" & over.

Extra Long: Width: 3.5" Length: 66"  Fit: Fits most adults 6' 5" & over.

Care Instructions:

Made from premium quality high twist poly-twill fabric. *Dry Clean Only, Do not iron 

* Each tie is made from scratch to your exact specifications upon order. We will ship them worldwide free of charge as soon as they are finished.