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February 08, 2019 2 min read

If part of your weekly To-Do list includes separating your whites from darks and hanging up your undershirts, you have at least a few essential habits of a well-dressed man. Men who dress to impress don't get there by accident. They weave similar tasks into their daily schedules to ensure that they are always looking their best. 

Here are five important habits of well-dressed men:

1. They Rely On Their Tailor

Well-dressed men understand that regardless of size or shape, the secret to always looking your best relies heavily on fit. Every garment in your wardrobe can be improved with a custom fit from a trusted tailor. A small adjustment can deliver a big impact when it comes to the fit of a jacket or trousers. 

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2. They Stick To Basics

Basic White Dress Shirt

Have you noticed that the fashion greats tend to keep their looks simple? We tend to wear only a small percentage of our wardrobes and most often, these pieces are our basics. Investing in high quality staples, such as white dress shirts, that improve with wear and washing is a great foundation for the well-dressed man. 

3. They Understand The Importance Of Undergarments

Just because you are the only one who sees your undergarments doesn't mean they aren't important. Caring for and pressing your boxer shorts and undershirts will help your clothes to lay better. Keep an eye out for undergarments that become slightly threadbare so that they may be quickly replaced. 

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4. They Launder With Care

Caring for your clothes according to labels may be more time consuming, but is well worth it. Not only will your wardrobe pieces look better, but they will also last much longer when cared for properly. If you aren't interested in hand washing or pressing, invest in essential pieces that require minimal attention.

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5. They Pay Attention To Detail

Being a well-dressed man hardly means throwing on clothes and running out the door. Taking time to get the perfect pocket square fold and select the ideal cuff links and dress socks makes all the difference. When you rely on the basics, focusing on the little accents can make or break the look. 

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