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July 03, 2019 2 min read

It seems that we have waited for an eternity but the long summer days have finally arrived. Our schedules are packed with lakeside BBQs, whimsical summer weddings, and breakfasts that will turn into extended day drinking. Snappy, tailored wool suits are tucked away in garment bags. But, that is no reason to forego your legendary style. 

Here is how to look your best even when it feels like the summer heat is unbearable.

Lakeside BBQ Style

When most men are beating the heat with tshirts and khaki shorts, it is time for you to take it up a notch. Breezy rayon short sleeve shirts in summer time patterns paired with crisp linen shorts deliver comfort and turn heads. Adhere to the season's slim fit style while giving a nod to the tropical weather you have been craving for months.


Ambiguous Wedding Dress Code

Deciphering summer wedding dress codes is an art form. From rural chic to boho country, it can be tough to know what to wear to summer weddings. You are always safe with bespoke tailoring and pairing separates in neutral colors. Plain shirts and pants handcrafted from cool rayons, cottons, and linens dressed up with a summery pocket square and a pair of fun socks will do the trick. Top it off with a linen/silk blend jacket for the ideal themed summer wedding look. 

Oh Wait...You Still Have to Work

Business doesn't wait, even when you feel like the summer heat is melting you. To keep your cool during important business meeting focus on fabrics that will wick away perspiration and provide an airy feel. The tiny holes in linen and cotton shirts allows for air flow, while still setting the summer fashion standard. Unstructured jackets with taped seams rather than heavy linings add the necessary formality, while adhering to the limitations of summer heat. 

Endless Day Drinking

When that breakfast turns into lunch and beyond, be ready with versatile summer style. Cotton picnic check shirts are tailored, light weight and a perfect addition to the day drinker's wardrobe. You never what adventures the summertime holds for you, so versatile summer styles make it easy to be prepared. 

Staying cool when unbearable heat strikes takes preparation and a bit of finesse. Everyone will be wondering how you pull it off every time.

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