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Pocket Squares

The pocket square has become an essential part of any forward-thinking gentleman's ensemble, and Lingo Luxe pocket squares are on the cutting edge of this sartorial must-have.

Although opinions about the origins of men's pocket squares vary in time and place, the handkerchief evolved into the popular pocket square fashion accessory in the 1400s.

No longer a cheap cotton cloth, the pocket square transitioned from handkerchief to fine silk square. Becoming a status symbol by the 16th and 17th centuries, ornate embroidered silk and fine lace designs were regarded with high esteem and were even passed through generations as prized family heirlooms.

Today, pocket squares are donned by those considered to be Renaissance men and have become as essential accessory for those who invest in menswear.

Add a touch of style and elegance to an otherwise ordinary suit or top off a custom bespoke suit with a wide selection of hand picked Lingo Luxe pocket squares.