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To offer our clients more specialized services, we have created our silver, gold and platinum membership tiers. Each tier has a set of services and accessories, as well as a unique colour garment bag available only to that tier.

Silver Membership is a great option for those who would like to give our extended services a try. They make a great gift as they provide the hesitant client with hand-selected pieces in the form of a concierge service. The concierge service assists in garment selection based on your client profile, consultations, as well as previous purchases. The Silver membership is $1500 annually and entitles you to the following:


- 5 suit hangers 

- 10 personalized shirt hangers 

- One garment bag in Silver tier exclusive Silver Grey

- Personal clothing concierge

  • Draws from our selection of Lingo Luxe Bespoke options, we select fabrics and styles that we believe would best suit you.
  • We utilize your past orders as well as an extensive customer preference survey to determine what pieces to suggest.
  • We pull from our existing offering as well as from a select collection available to premium membership clients only.
  • We shop for that perfect fabric to complete an outfit or for a special occasion.
  • The concierge is a great option for clients looking to build on a smaller wardrobe. Just like our personal stylist, our representative will evaluate your current wardrobe and through a consultation, determine what steps are needed to elevate your selection to meet your wardrobe needs.
  • The concierge service is also a great opportunity for those with healthy wardrobes to explore a new style, inject bolder colours or do a seasonal refresh on their existing lineup.


Our concierge service not only helps you make decisions...

...But grants you access to an exclusive fabric library.

Our concierge takes the time to get to know your personal preferences and tastes so they can shop for fabric with you in mind. By employing the concierge service, you also have access to limited runs unavailable to non-members.