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Mix n Match doesn't have to be a mish mash of colour and pattern. Chris kept to a navy colour scheme and we helped him give his outfit depth with texture blending. A velvet jacket, with a jacquard waistcoat and a plain trouser creates a sophisticated layered effect.

Tip: Create depth by colour matching differently textured fabrics.

Fabric: Tuxedo - Huddersfield, Tux & Tartans. Waistcoat - Noir Events, Silks & Wool


A groom who clearly came with his own fashion direction for his big day. Heritage Green conjures up images of old world sophistication. When paired with a modern cut as in Phils case it creates a new classic. 

Tip: If you want to wear colour. Don't choose the colour of the season. Always choose one that works well with your body type and complexion.

Fabric: Loro Piana -Australis N7070092