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Normal Wear & Stress

Your favourite suit can last a long time when it is made with good planning and care. You can slow down or completely prevent much of the normal wear that can happen by taking simple preventative measures.   At Lingo Luxe we build resilience and toughness into every suit we make. Here is a laundry list of typical ways suits wear and what we do to prevent them, when we make your suit.

  • Crumpled/creased collar/lapel due to poor inner construction - we use quality horsehair for stability
  • Bubbling in jackets, pant waistband due to fusible interfacing application/pulling away from fabric with wear and washing - we use sew-in interfacing and horsehair canvas for inner construction to provide shape
  • Poor shape through wear due to ¼ canvas or interfacing only construction - we use ½ or full canvas that shapes to your body with wear and body heat for improved fit as you wear rather than a loss of shape
  • Fabric thins or pulls at seam (seam slippage) due to low twist/low count fabric - we advise on what fabrics are suitable for your desired end garment, not all fabrics that are low twist are poor quality, but they may be an inappropriate choice for high stress areas or certain uses. We source from high quality manufacturers that use the best wools, dyes and manufacturing methods to assure quality, drape, durability and consistency
  • Style choices that do not flatter your frame or intended use - we consult with clients to understand their lifestyle as well as style goals. We work with you to build your dream wardrobe, even if you are unsure of what pieces are needed to accomplish your style goals
  • Pattern/colours are hard to pair - we can provide pairing suggestions and complementary schemes for coordinates to maximize the versatility of that fabric you fell in love with
  • We make sure you understand what you’re getting. We instruct on fabric choice, provide a mockup, styling advice and aftercare so you love your suit for years to come
  • We’re not happy until you love your piece, there are built in checkpoints with mockups and fitting to make sure you get exactly what you envisioned

Body Changes

We ensure your Lingo Luxe suit will fit perfectly and only improve as the understructure of the garment molds to your body shape.

But what happens if there are weight fluctuations muscle gain or loss, or a series of culinary indiscretions?   Here's what we do to make sure your suit can adapt to unforeseen body changes.

Preventative Measures

  • In our initial consultation, we find out how much shape variability might be reasonable to expect in your case, taking into consideration your personal history and your current fitness goals.  
  • Generous seam allowance is built into every part of your suit where it might be needed in the future. Based on your historical weight and size variability, we make sure the right amount of extra fabric is to address similar changes which might happen in the future.
  • Accommodation is made for your personal range-of-motion as well as size differences in relaxed and flexed muscles.
  • Weight fluctuations before final garment is completed due to weight or muscle gain or loss
  • Weight fluctuations after the garment is complete (months, years)


  • Generous seam allowance is added everywhere, more in high flux areas to address any weight or muscle gain so your suit can be altered to fit should your shape change
  • Through consultation understanding where you personally change and fluctuate the most.
  • Understanding fitness goals at consultation to anticipate muscle growth at the consultation to anticipate areas that may need to be taken in or let out if that is part of your current or future journey.
  • Accommodating flexed vs resting muscle measurements at consultation level



Accidents happen.  

Even in the course of careful use and with proper washing and storage things happen. There really isn't anything we haven't seen before. Here's how our production process prepares us to service your garment when an accident takes place:

Once we understand your wear frequency, we select the best natural fibre materials available in the world based on your budget, the way you expect to use the garment and your lifestyle. This means you garment is a perfect balance of toughness and wearability for the life you are living..

The likelihood of accidents damaging your suit or causing permanent damage is reduced by putting you in a suit made with the-worlds-finest-material...period.

Using the best material in the world also means the best level of stain-resistance. You still want to be careful to avoid stains and accidents but it's good to know garden-variety accidents can't abruptly end your love-affair with your favourite suit.

In a case where your suit has suffered a disastrous accident and repair is nearly impossible, we still have you covered. When we make your suit we purchase two yards of fabric for your suit. For insurance we acquire an extra yard of the same material andEXACT dye-lot colour to keep on file in our one site client archive.

Improper Use, Care or Storage

Our suits can last for generations as long as they are treated with love and care. Treat your Lingo Luxe suit with love and it will love you right back! To keep your suit looking and feeling as perfect as the day you first put it on, we recommend the following:


Storing suits and shirts in non-breathable storage bags are the typical causes for mold or mildew developing on a natural fibre garment. Special occasion pieces are especially vulnerable because they aren't worn as often and spend more time in your closet.

Lingo Luxe suits are made with the highest quality natural fibre materials. While, natural fibre suits are beautifully comfortable garments that really breath, they need to be stored with proper ventilation to be at their best. Moisture from your body or the environment can cling to your suit from wearing. When your suit purchase includes a breathable, high quality garment bag, it should be used when you travel with your suit or need to store it for a long period of time.


All suits, regardless of composition, must be dry cleaned.

The canvas inner of your suit molds to your body because of body heat as you wear the garment.  

Because of the understructure of a suit, the less your suit is exposed to moisture and friction for prolonged periods of time, the longer it will look great in your wardrobe rotation.

Composition of the Garment

We work with you at every level to make sure you understand how to care for your suit. Appropriate fabrics are chosen at consultation to fit your lifestyle as well as the level of care you exercise in the lifecycle of your garment.

Some fabrics require more care than others. Some finishes require more care than others. If you would describe your garment care routine as low maintenance and intend to keep it that way, we can suggest easy care fabrics that suit your desired level of maintenance.

I have purchased from Lingo Luxe on numerous occasions, and I simply refuse to go back to the other guys knowing what I know now. The entire process from start to finish is incredibly detailed, professional and informative. Over the years the number of companies in the ‘custom tailoring’ segment has grown, but make no mistake, they are not all the same. Lingo is far superior in quality and craftsmanship. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars.” - James Ashford


Our job is to match your outward presentation with your values and standards. Your Lingo Luxe suit is nothing short of a revelation of your inner self. Every decision you make in your dress and personal grooming affects how naturally you’ll influence your customers, coworkers, clients and your own behavior.

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