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Classic dressed man in pinstripe suit appreciates a fine drink

The Connoisseur

You appreciate craftsmanship and luxury and you have the eye and experience to know the best of the best when you encounter it. Trends fail to impress you, your classic style developed through years of exploration is the best possible look for you for any occasion. You seek personalized and luxurious experiences when dressing and are a longtime patron of bespoke. Fine fabrics and the perfect fit have made you consistently the best dressed amongst your peers.

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Bearded distinguished man is fitted for a suit in a classic atelier
Dapper older gentleman in three piece suit speaks to younger suited man

Suave older man wears all black suit with tousled silver hair

Hallmarks of Your Style

  • Classic colours
  • Bespoke fit, every piece is perfect for your proportions
  • Confidence in every choice, every piece is undeniably you
  • Traditional proportions
  • Accessories are used sparingly and are thoughtfully applied to each look
  • An appreciation of fine craftsmanship
  • Constant search for distinct pieces to add to your incomparable style
  • Highest quality fabrics and materials in every piece you own
  • Confident choice of classic patterns and prints that reflect your own style and buck current trends
  • Every piece is a nod to classic style but through your personal lens

Dapper man in three piece charcoal mix suit

Elegantly dressed silver bearded man poses in a bespoke pinstripe suit