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Man wears quirky style floral shirt and textured bow tie

The Creative

You're the pop of colour in everyone's day You play with colour and proportion and your understanding of design movements influences your dressing decisions. You're a problem solver at heart and you approach every task as a challenge. You find solutions by taking paths unexplored by your peers making you an invaluable asset to any team you join. You pair unexpected colours and patterns to create unique looks that will have everyone talking long after you've left the event.

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Men's Cufflinks | Lingo Luxe The Jovovich-Lingo Luxe Bespoke
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Creative individual windowpane check suit and contrasting bowtie and pocket square
Creative individual with glasses, suspenders and retro tie poses

Bold styled man in red suit jacket and banker collar shirt

Hallmarks of Your Style

  • Colourful
  • Playful proportions
  • Bold choices executed with confidence
  • Nods to decades gone by with a strong commitment to modern styling
  • Expert mixing of patterns and textures
  • A sense of fun in every look
  • Stripes, florals and geometrics are your go-to shirt patterns
  • Accessories are striking but thoughtfully applied to each look
  • An appreciation of fine craftsmanship
  • Constant search for distinct pieces to add to your incomparable style

Creatively styled man in olive birdseye suit with polka dot bow tie

Bold dressed individual with glasses and floral patterned shirt