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December 23, 2019 3 min read

A high quality coat that can be worn for years is an essential part of every man's wardrobe. When making an investment in outerwear, it is important to make sure that it is timeless and meets your winter outerwear needs. Consider the places you will wear your coat and what types of garments you will be wearing under your coat.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • You will wear your coat when it is cold, but think about how cold and what type of cold. Is it wet or arid? Is it below freezing cold or moderately cold? 
  • How many layers will you wear underneath? How much room will your coat need? 
  • Are you looking for a casual coat or a formal coat? The answer to this question will help determine style and color.

Outerwear Style Guide

Lingo Luxe Bespoke Outerwear

Now that you have an idea of what outerwear will best suit your needs, let's talk about which fit and style will work best for you.

The Long Coat

The long coat is considered to be an overcoat that finishes at mid-calf. Long coats are popular for a few important reasons:

  • They are flattering.
  • They can be casual or formal.
  • They protect more of your body from the cold.

Long coats work especially well on slim, tall frames, but can be custom tailored to be flattering on any frame. The long coat is meant to be well tailored and lay neatly on the shoulders. The coat must be loose enough to accommodate garments worn underneath but not so loose that it looks like you are swimming in it.

The Three-Quarter Length Coat

Shorter three-quarter length coats are available in a variety of materials and are popular for a few reasons:

  • They avoid bunching fabric by your legs.
  • They work better for shorter frames.
  • They work well with wider trousers.

As with the long coat, a tailored fit is essential, as you want a flattering streamlined silhouette. These shorter coats are commonly worn in a sharp colour or pattern, but a solid darker colour works well for a more formal look.

 The Sportcoat

Derived from the traditional shooting jacket, the sportcoat typically has more style elements and may be worn with formal or casual attire. The sportcoat is designed to end a bit lower than a blazer and will be a bit lower if you are above average height. As with the other lengths, it is designed to keep out the wind, rain and cold. Tailored sportcoats allow for a perfect fit and the addition of details that personalizes the coat to suit your discerning taste.


The simplest and easiest to wear style of coat, the single-breasted coat works well with all heights and frames. Men with narrow shoulders look better in coats with slimmer lapels, so keep that in mind. If you plan to layer your single-breasted coat over a suit, opt for a dark solid colour. If you plan to wear the coat for more casual occasions, bright colors and patterns work well. Pair with a stylish rollneck and slim-fit wool trousers for a versatile, classy look. 


The most formal of outerwear, the double-breasted coat must be tailored to work for most body types. Shorter framed men can appear to be shorter as a result of the broader cut. When the lapels and shoulders are tailored to balance out your torso, the result is a flattering V shape appearance. Similarly, if you have a wider mid-section, a belted coat may accentuate it. Heavier fabrics in darker colours appear more flattering in these cases. Wear the collar up or down and pair with a bespoke suit and luxurious silk tie

 Brave the cold with full confidence that your outerwear is a representation of your style and that your coat is a perfect fit. Make the investment in high quality outerwear once and reap the benefits for years to come. 

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