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June 13, 2018 2 min read

Storing your menswear garments correctly is almost as important as following the care instructions for washing and pressing. Moths aren’t the only enemies that lurk in closets. Warm, moist or unventilated storage areas can become the perfect opportunity for mildew to grow in your natural cellulose-based fabrics, specifically cotton and linens.

Avoid storing clothing that is not completely dry in drawers and closets where air circulation is impeded. If you are washing your garments at home, we suggest hang drying or a combination of hang drying and machine drying not exceeding 15 minutes in the cycle. A sturdy hanging rack is a worthy investment to keep your delicate and treasured pieces looking as good as they did the day you first pulled them on!

Menswear Garment Bags

Lingo Luxe Garment Bags

Garment bags aren’t only for travel. Consider using garment bags to protect your investment at home as well as on the road. Even the finest suits and shirts are liable to damage from dust, light and friction caused by other garments stored with your pieces in small spaces.

By storing your suits in a garment bag you are protecting important players in your wardrobe from damage. We believe garment bags are essential for keeping your garments looking sharp. Lingo Luxe proudly provides a sturdy and sleek garment bag of cavalry twill and leather handles with every suit purchase. Use your provided garment bag for travel and storage at home to protect your Lingo Luxe Bespoke piece for years to come.

Menswear Hangers

Lingo Luxe Menswear Hangers

Hangers are an often-overlooked part of garment care. Hangers directly impact the shape of your shoulders of both your suits and shirts. Choosing the correct hanger for your shoulder width and garment type is crucial in maintaining the bespoke shoulder slope crafted to your measurements.

It is important to consider hanger material. A thicker hanger will not create a pressure point on the fabric weave that could result in wearing of the material or even a hole. For those with slimmer shoulders we suggest a narrower hanger that supports the shirt without creating and indent in the fabric from an ill positioned point. The same principle is applied to those with the wider shoulders. Look for a larger hanger to support the length of the shoulders to avoid stress on the shoulder seam.

Lingo Luxe provides appropriately sized luxury wooden hangers with every purchase of a suit and shirt. We strongly suggest to all clients that they use the hangers provided as they have been chosen to give their garments the best support possible.

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