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March 15, 2021 2 min read

Suit vs Tux - What's Right for Your Bridal Party?

Is a Classic Suit a Better Option?

Choosing the right look for your bridal party is an incredibly important task when it comes to planning your wedding. After the effort of choosing the venue, the menu, flowers and the décor, you don’t want to leave the people who have provided you the most support looking anything other than their absolute best. Not only do you want to match the mood and aesthetic of your venue you want to consider the individual personalities within your bridal party. Not only does every member come with their own unique personality, they all have their own existing personal style. No one wants an uncomfortable looking bridal party in their photographs of their big day.

Don't forget - your bridal party should coordinate, but don't have to match the groom! The groom can still look great in a tux with groomsmen in less formal suits.

As much as a uniform look shows support for the groom, the bridal party members should all be outfitted in pieces they feel good wearing - not everyone is accustomed to wearing a suit on a daily basis so the jump to a more formal cut could prove daunting for some members. That stress is once again escalated if faced with a formal tuxedo. If your bridal party errs on the casual side, we would highly recommend considering a simple cut suit in a traditional colour fabric to flatter the various frames of your party.

A classic suit is a more accessible option for your team members who lead their everyday lives in more casual cuts. Requesting your bridal party members commit to a suit rather than a tuxedo can provide a more accommodating style for your supporters and will provide them a more wearable piece at the end of their groomsmen commitment. For many, a tux is a piece that would rarely be revisited, if ever. That’s why requesting your bridal party make the investment in a classic cut, universally flattering suit is considerate of their needs as you provide them with a piece they will be able to wear to a variety of formal occasions in the future.

That said, consult with your bridal party! You might find you have a group that would love the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and rock a tux for the day. Whatever option you choose, we'll make sure everyone looks their best for your special day of celebration!

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