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April 24, 2019 4 min read 2 Comments

Purchasing a bespoke suit is not simply a shopping transaction. Rather, it is an entire experience designed to value the customer, accentuate his positive attributes and make him look and feel his absolute best. Oftentimes, the terms “bespoke” and “made to measure” are used interchangeably. If you have experienced the next level of designing and wearing a bespoke suit, you understand that bespoke and made to measure are not in the same category. Not much compares to custom made suits that are handcrafted to your exact specifications.

The Difference: Bespoke Vs. Made to Measure Menswear

Let’s first uncover the true meaning of bespoke, which is derived from the verb “bespeak,” which refers to speaking for something. The word evolved to mean “ordered, commissioned, arranged for” and is considered to be British English. The word eventually became associated with tailor made apparel, but not yet applied to men’s suits. It grew to become applied to theater plays which were made to order. In the middle of the 19th century, bespoke began to be used to describe suits and menswear. Today, the true meaning of bespoke is a completely handmade item where the pattern will be cut and designed specifically for one person.

Made to measure uses a standard pattern and modifies it to fit someone’s body shape and size. While the process is more customized that off the rack suits, it misses nuances that a bespoke tailor will account for with a personalized pattern. Made to measure relies on standard measurements, whereas bespoke requires more than simple measurements, but also the slope of shoulders and arch of back, for example.

Classic mens suits on a rack ready for purchase

The Bespoke Process Revealed

True bespoke menswear companies, like Lingo Luxe Bespoke, follow a well defined process to ensure that every customer is 100% thrilled with their new suit and outerwear.

  1. Discovery Conversation

Where will you wear the suit? What will be the occasions? The weather? The first conversation you have with your bespoke tailor will provide direction regarding the type and style of garments you want.

  1. Initial Fitting

If you visit Lingo Luxe Bespoke, the tailor will use a half-made suit to take very specific measurements of your form.  If you purchase a bespoke suit online, the fitting suit will be shipped to you so that you can adjust it to your form and ship it back to the tailor.

  1. Follow Up Fittings

It may take up to three fittings for the tailor to have every measurement, slope and curve of your form to have the ability to create a perfect fitting bespoke suit.

  1. Details

Since each bespoke garment is completely original, the options are unlimited. Lingo Luxe provides a variety of custom options for lining, buttons, thread colour, lapel and collar specifications, and more. Owners of bespoke suits have had the opportunity to truly create a suit that represents them with every detail.

Navy suit jacket on mannequin mid tailoring process

What to Expect from a True Bespoke Experience

  • Unlimited choices of fabrics, linings, and style details
  • Patterns used to cut the suit are unique and become part of your customer profile
  • Minimum of two fittings before the suit is designed
  • The same tailor will cut the fabric, take the measurements, conduct the fitting and do the sewing
  • The fabric will always be high-quality grade
  • The process will take between two and four months

Bespoke vs Made to Measure: Style Differences

If you want more details about why bespoke is so much more expensive than made to measure, consider some of these important style and comfort differences.

A bespoke jacket can have a small arm hole and a large sleeve, affording a greater range of motion and an overall better fit. Bespoke jackets can be proportioned in its fullness in areas, whereas made to measure tends to be tighter and looser in areas. Handpadded chest and lapels found in bespoke suits allow for more shape. Made to measure garments tens to lie flatter and less smooth.

The greatest benefits of bespoke come over time as your personal tailor continues to learn about your body and your personal pattern develops.


What is Lingo Luxe Bespoke?

“Inspired by Tradition, Motivated by Innovation” outlines the Lingo Luxe commitment to the vision of a technologically enhanced business model. The Lingo Luxe team assesses every company decision against the brand’s founding principles. Lingo Luxe is dedicated to ensuring authenticity in every undertaking.

By using the adaptability and accessibility of technology, Lingo Luxe is able to provide you with the most intuitive and straightforward ordering process from the initial selection of fabric to delivery of the final product. The brand is ever evolving in our pursuit of excellence, not just in the quality of the final product, but throughout your client experience. Thanks to technology, they are able to provide you a unique take on luxury goods.

The brand built out Lingo Luxe Bespoke's programs, products and policies based on what is positive about the industry, AND what NEEDED to change.  The Lingo Luxe commitment to quality is unparalleled. Only the finest materials are used so you can rest easy knowing your Lingo Luxe Bespoke piece is up to the task!  

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2 Responses

Taylor Hansen
Taylor Hansen

January 28, 2021

It’s interesting to learn that lapels in bespoke suits allow for more shape. I want to find a new bespoke suit since I am going to my friend’s wedding next month. Seems like a smart idea to find the right fit with the suit that I like.

Zachary Tomlinson
Zachary Tomlinson

January 28, 2021

I find it amazing that having a bespoke suit made for you gives you the freedom to pick the fabric and other details to suit your needs. My friend is looking for the perfect suit that he could use for his wedding. Hopefully, he’d consider trying out bespoke ones around his area!

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