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Two dapper men in Canadian made bespoke suits lean against a bar

What's your style? You tell us!

You're a Mystery to Us!

Aren't you the man of mystery! It may be that you like to switch it up to keep them guessing or that you don't have a fully formed style ethos yet, either way, this is your opportunity to choose your path. We didn't get a clear read on your style persona, so the ball in your court to tell us the hallmarks of your style!

We invite you to explore each of our personas to discover which ones clicks with your personal style:

The Tech Exec

Simple silhouette, easy styles that are versatile and comfortable are your go-to. You don't have the time for obsolete, fussy accessories, your staple pieces do it all.

Steve Jobs had it right with his signature look while Kumail Namjiani's style evolution resonates with your love of simple shapes. Sound like a good fit? Find more here:

The Minimalist

Classic, clean silhouettes to let details shine, your style subtle and thoughtful.

You dig Ryan Gosling and Idris Elba's take on elevated looks and know the power of the perfect fitting jacket. Spot on? Find out more here:


The Renegade

Just because you don't play by their rules doesn't mean you don't have your own code of dress. Classic menswear fabrics with a little leather, a little edge, you are the renegade.

Think Steve McQueen attitude with a little Alex Turner flair. Sound like you? See more here:

Hipster Chic

A little retro, a little whimsy, a little classic, your style is an eclectic mix of the traditional and creative. Layered accessories are your signature and the importance of a hit of colour is not lost on you.

You love Andre 3000's signature way of mixing patterns or Jeff Goldblum's quirky confident looks. Is this your vibe? Find out more:

The Professor

Pattern, weave, texture, menswear through a heritage lens . Your style is approachable and warm, yet dignified and respectable.

If Tom Hiddleston's tweedy looks or the cast of Peaky Blinders speak to you, read more here:

The Connoisseur

The best of the best, and quite frankly, better dressed than the rest. The youngsters are still learning what you've got down to a fine science. Fit, quality and luxury are your style pillars.

Tom Ford and Daniel Craig's knowledge of fit and classic elegance mirror your style priorities. Click here for the full style profile:

The Gentleman

Equal parts classic and bold style, your looks never fail to impress. Dressing is an art, and you are part of the masterclass. Bold colour and cuts are part of your daily dressing.

Style leaders like Nick Wooster and David Beckham know their proportions and personal style whenever they hit the red carpet, and so do you. Fit you to a T? Read more:

The Creative

A little fun and whimsy in every outfit, your style is characterized by your expert use of colour and proportion. You're not scared of prints or bold accessories.

Donald Glover's style transformation resonates with your commitment to a truly personal style. You find inspiration in a unique perspective like Jidenna's mix of heritage and art. Sound like your look? See more: