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Our Commitment to Quality

Refined style is more than the right combination of colours and details; refined style is also characterized by top quality construction. Well-made garments not only look and feel more luxurious, they often better drape and fit the body. This is why at Lingo Luxe, quality materials, as well as quality construction, are an important part of our design DNA.

All of our garments are handcrafted in Canada by a small network of highly experienced professionals. We trust these individuals not only for their demonstrated skill, but also their shared vision of beautifully made garments.

All of our shirts are made of 100% cotton, procured from a selection of the finest mills in Italy, England and Scotland. We source from some of the most reputable fabric collections from Europe including Loro Piana, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Huddersfield Textiles, and Drago for suiting; Alumo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Grandi & Rubinelli, Canclini and Albini for shirting.

High quality cottons come from long staple cotton, which when woven, create a smoother fabric surface. By choosing these high quality cottons, our shirts have a luxurious look and feel. They maintain the crisp, clean structure associated with cotton, but drape to skim the body. Thread and interlining are a detail often overlooked, but we know they are integral to the structure of our garments. They are sourced from trusted manufacturers in Germany.

Buttons are another component of a garment that is small in size, but can create a big impact visually. We source a large selection from Australia, and look to Italy to provide our mother-of-pearl options.

Detail shot of bespoke blue mens shirt with pink lined and edged french cuff