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Modern man styles classic suit with clean white sneakers

The Renegade

You play by your own rules. Classic dressing through your lens of rebel chic means aviators, leather accessories and sneakers are the pillars of your wardrobe. Your mix of moody hues and fabrics hearkens back to classic action stars and lets everyone know you approach tasks with a sense of adventure. Youthful yet timeless, your style appears effortless only because you carry it so naturally.

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Man leans against a black sportscar in navy suit and croc leather bag

Sleek stylish man wears black suit and black turtleneck

Hallmarks of Your Style

  • Classic colours paired with rich, saturated accents
  • Classic fit, every piece is perfect for your proportions
  • Sleek, clean, modern with an edge
  • Your jacket collection is your trademark
  • Accessories are used sparingly and are thoughtfully applied to each look
  • An appreciation of fine craftsmanship
  • Every piece is a nod to the classic style of McQueen and the Bond lineup
  • Your wardrobe is versatile because your pieces mix and match effortlessly
  • Personal style trumps trends
  • Leather is timeless and a wardrobe staple
  • Your style is comfortable, but first and foremost, stylish
  • The classics, relaxed
  • Edgy details never look overworked because you carry them with confidence
  • Hits of silver bring your dark palette together

Young man leans on railing in slim olive suit, aviators and woven leather sneakers

Man poses with black chambray shirt and suspenders showing off luxury watch