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Croatian Tie | The Rise - Blue


Ban Jelacic presided over what is now, modern-day Croatia – during Hapsburg rule.
Jelacic supported The Rise of Croatian independence, and as a result, is regarded as a national hero.

The famous statue, by Anton Dominik Fernkorn, was erected in Zagreb’s main square in 1866. In 1947, the ruling communist regime removed the statue, claiming it symbolized Croatian nationalism.
43 years later … after the fall of communism, the statue was returned to its rightful place! 

Product Features:

Children's: Width: 2" Length: 54"  Fit: suitable for children 13 & under.

Standard: Width: 2.75" Length: 58"  Fit: Fits most adults 6' 2" & under.

Long: Width: 3.5" Length: 62"  Fit: Fits most adults 6' 2" & over.

Extra Long: Width: 3.5" Length: 66"  Fit: Fits most adults 6' 5" & over.

Care Instructions:

Made from premium quality high twist poly-twill fabric. *Dry Clean Only, Do not iron

* Each tie is made from scratch to your exact specifications upon order.