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October 31, 2018 4 min read 1 Comment

Basic Men's Hats

Men's Hat Basics

Have you hurried down a busy street only to be stopped in your tracks with hat envy? We have, too. Men's hats is an area of menswear that is often overlooked. Headwear is a powerful addition to a man's wardrobe, offering protection from the elements while commanding attention. A highly stylish accessory, men's hats can instantly elevate your look. Conversely, the wrong hat and outfit pairing will quickly identify you as an amateur in the realm of men's styling.  Selecting the perfect hat for your look will make a statement and define your signature style. The team of Lingo Luxe designers put together The Ultimate Men's Hat Guide containing nine key men’s hat styles to help you select the perfect men's hat for any occasion.

The Fedora Men's Hat

The Fedora

The most classic hat in men’s fashion, the Fedora is probably not what you think it is. Despite the common perception, not every brimmed style is a Fedora. The Fedora is differentiated by a wide, flexible brim, allowing it to be tilted and worn over the eyes or pushed back. Fedoras have pinched sides, a dipped crease on the crown and have no seam binding or fold on the brim edge.

Lingo Luxe Perfect Pairing

Fedoras are best worn with well-cut, classic menswear desgined for formalities or business. Think cuff links, classic men's dress socks, and most definitely a suit jacket. Fall and winter are appropriate seasons for the Fedora.

The Trilby Men's Hat

The Trilby

The Trilby is the short brimmed, sporty cousin to the Fedora. Oftentime confused with the Fedora, the Trilby is used less for practicality and more as a fashion statement. Angled up in the back to tilt over the eyes, this look is a perfect casual alternative to the classic Fedora.

Lingo Luxe Perfect Pairing

The Trilby is wearable through any season. It is best worn with fun, casual menswear designed for Friday at the office or a night on the town. Think jeans and some fun men's dress socks.

The Homburg Men's Hat

The Homburg

If you are looking for a more traditional, dressed up hat, the Homburg is a great option. Similar to the Trilby and the Fedora, the Homburg has a dipped crease. The cleaner silhouette without pinched sides makes it a great choice for a classy occasion. The brim of the Homburg is notably stiffer and upturned.

Lingo Luxe Perfect Pairing

Homburg hats appeal to more rigid classic dress codes like a traditional office or event. They are also worn throughout the seasons and are known to be a typical hunting hat.

The Derby Hat

 The Derby

The Derby men's hat is less formal than the Homburg, however it is rarely seen outside of the theatre. It’s standout round style is certainly a styling challenge, but if you manage to pull this off you will gain serious style clout. The Derby is identified by its rounded crown, short, stiff upturned brim and is great for throwback styling.

Lingo Luxe Perfect Pairing

Derby hats will surely speak to your personality and are best paired with your "out on the town" and theater menswear. They are commonly worn throughout the seasons.

The Porkpie Hat

The Pork Pie

The Pork Pie hat, recently popularized by Brian Cranston’s character in Breaking Bad, is another great option for throwback styling. It has a distinct flat crown and a short-upturned brim. Despite its recent recognition it is still considered an adventurous style choice.

Lingo Luxe Perfect Pairing

The Pork Pie is a classic throwback and is commonly worn with jeans and fun men's socks. They are commonly worn throughout the seasons.


The Panama Hat

 The Panama Hat

Nothing says "Summer has arrived" like the Panama Hat. It’s an Ecuadorian straw hat made of woven palm leaves and is available in varying brim widths, from the short Trilby size to wider Fedora-like widths.

The angled brim is another added touch that can bring your summer look to an elevated level.

Lingo Luxe Perfect Pairing

The Panama is a laid back attitude hat that is paired with a casual suit all the way to a swimsuit. Panama hats are typically only worn in the hot summer months.

The Newsboy Hat

The Newsboy/Driving Cap

For the fall and winter time, a classic men's hat is the newsboy or driving cap. While both of these have a similar style, with a soft crown and brimmed cut and sew, there are subtle differences between the two.

The Driving Cap extends to the edge of the brim, often snapping down.

The Newsboy often covers part of the brim with excess fabric but is not attached to the brim extension.

Lingo Luxe Perfect Pairing

Both of these hats are great for throwback styling. Worn throughout the year, these hats can be paired with either formal or casual menswear.

The Dad Cap

The Dad Cap, Snap Back and Flat Brim

The final group of hats are the Dad Cap, Snap Back and Flat Brim. The Dad Cap has a curved brim while the snap back and firm brim have the traditionally straight brim. Simple, sleek designs, and solid colours devoid of team logos are most easily dressed up, however classic teams like the NY Yankees can work in a sportier look.

Lingo Luxe Perfect Pairing

Although this category includes multiple different styles, these casual brimmed classics are becoming increasingly popular, seen paired with everything from jean jackets to blazers and sport coats.

Next time you need to make a bold statement with your styling, consider adding one of these popular hats to add flair.

Would you like for us to add a hat to The Ultimate Men's Hat Guide? Let us know in the comments.



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Elvin f Bratten jr
Elvin f Bratten jr

November 24, 2019

I really enjoy looking my best at all times and I am feeling those different styles of hats keep up the great work you have a fan here. God Bless

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